Small Market Program

Working Together For Better Security

Centurion values community more than competition, and this is exemplified in our Small Market program. While cybersecurity has historically been the privilege of large, well-financed, and well-known businesses, cyber criminals don’t discern based on size. Any organization that presents an easy opportunity is at risk to be hacked.

Protect your organization from:

  • Financial loss, caused by hacking, ransomware, or loss of market access.
  • Loss of trust, especially if client information is taken.
  • Loss of reputation, due to service interruption or failure. 
  • Critical or sensitive data loss.
  • Loss of competitive information and/or trade secrets.
  • Operational & logistics disruptions caused by hacking outages and potential legal ramifications stemming from outages.


Small Market Program

The Small Market Program is a specialized offering intended for collectives or business communities who are already familiar with cooperating with each other. By applying together, organizations can receive testing and training at a more attractive rate.

Deep Web Crawl

Our team of testers will scour social media and public-facing web services for examples of proprietary information from your organization. While some information disclosures are common, like employees sharing their locations and duties, it is often very easy to overshare. Our testing team will assess information found during the crawl, identify examples of worrying behaviour, and make recommendations to prevent inadvertent leaks or oversharing of potentially compromising information.

Web Application Penetration Test

Centurion Cyber Defence will test your organization’s back-end web applications for vulnerabilities to common attacks like buffer overflow and code injection. While often overlooked against more obvious threats, these kinds of leaks can result in massive privacy breaches and the theft of payment information. Meticulous testing is the best way to identify whether your organization is at risk.

Best Practices Guide

The best tool to defend against a cyber intrustions is education. Centurion Defence can custom-tailor a best practices, cyber hygeine guide for your business or organization. The guide can then be used to train yourself and your staff in the bahaviours that will best protect your business, and maximize your confidence to conduct e-commerce.