Penetration Testing

PenTesting is not only for large companies. Our team will work with you to make sure that your website or application is tested against known intrusion techniques.

We will assess your current vulnerabilities and make recommendations based on industry standards and best practices

Incident Response

When an incident happens we will work with you to assess the situation and obtain vital information; such as what caused the incident, how you recover, and what can be done to prevent it.

Cyber Forensics

Centurion Cyber Defence is capable of employing the latest investigation techniques in cyber forensics to track and identify intruders following an incident, with the goal of recovering lost assets.

Cybersecurity Training

Educating your staff is the most cost-effective defense against Hackers. Our training team is able to educate your key people or upskill your entire staff. We also provide advanced Cyber Training and certifications.

Process Hacking Awareness

Our team of senior ethical hackers will assess and make recommendations on how to protect your organization from this growing intrusion risk. New procedures and technology introductions can increase risks of exposure, if not initially assessed and routinely reviewed.

Small Market Program

We believe in community over competition, our small market program brings business owners together to make sure cybersecurity is available to all sized businesses.


Centurion Cyber Defence’s huge email template library is updated weekly with the latest trends in real phishing attacks. Regular testing of your users with randomized examples of phishing emails ensures habitual vigilance.

Customized Solutions

Centurion Cyber Defence understands there are industries with unique requirements and cybersecurity concerns. Our team has the required clearances and knowledge to act now customizing our services to your needs.


Coming soon!
Centurion Cyber Defence is developing innovative products to help your organization stay secure.