Community Focused Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity is no longer solely the realm of IT, and the era of presenting it as bewildering and out of reach to small and medium sized businesses is over. This is a new day.

Every company no matter what size deserves access to cybersecurity services, and the responsibility of cybersecurity goes well beyond your IT department.

Centurion is committed to providing service offerings, knowledge, and processes of cybersecurity, that are accessible, affordable, and understood by all.


Cyber-attacks are not a matter of if, but when. We can help you prepare, by conducting rigorous penetration testing, website and web-app testing, and deep web crawls to assess how much of your organization’s information is at risk.

We treat education as a major pillar of cyber defence strategies. We can help your organization build a robust strategy by roleplaying serious cyber incidents, training in the latest cybersecurity practices, and by employing testing using the same approaches and techniques that hackers would use.


Social engineering remains one of the most harmful threats to our communities, as it is one
of the most popular ways of compromising user data and systems.

We train communities to resist this threat by coming together, and presenting a unified defence against manipulation.

We also partner with like-minded organizations and law enforcement to coordinate response efforts to larger, well-coordinated threats, like state-sponsored hacking.


Even after an attack or loss has occurred, it is not necessarily the end. Our testers and network analysts are trained in the use of cyber forensics to recover and preserve information, track down malicious activities, and identify who is responsible when information or money goes missing.

In the event you get locked out by ransomware, we also provide consulting and negotiation services to help you navigate your way to better outcomes when all seems lost.

Canadian Cybersecurity Business

Services Made Accessible For Organizations of All Sizes

Our community focus allows us to support all market segments, including any individuals, families, organizations, or companies that have concerns about their cybersecurity risk.

Through our collaborative programs and partnerships with government, North-American law-enforcement, and like-minded companies, we are supporting community resilience, and awareness of cybersecurity.